November was extremely demanding and successful for the Ceres team, especially for our developers. We launched the first dApp on the SORA network (besides Polkaswap itself) and thus made a big step in the continuation of the development of platforms that will be built by the Ceres team. The limited…

In this update, we will publish an overview of the past month and what we will do in the coming weeks so that our community has maximum insight into the development of Ceres as always.

What was going on in September and the first half of October?

  • Started cooperation with the SORA dev team on the development of Liquidity Locker
  • #trypolkaswap campaign

As part of the Sora ecosystem, the constant growth of Sora network and Polkaswap users is of huge importance to the Ceres team. The number of new projects on the Sora network will increase with a larger number of users, and thus the need for Ceres platforms, which will facilitate…

What is an Initial Liquidity Offering?

An Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) is the sale of a token to provide the first liquidity pool for trading on a Decentralized Exchange (DEX). In a DEX there is no centralised authority so a mechanism called Automatic Market Maker (AMM) is used to facility…

Dear Ceres community,

After several months of hard work, planning and developing the entire project, we have decided it’s time to release the Ceres token. We had different plans and ideas for the release of Ceres token but various obstacles prevented us from achieving them. …

The time has come to present to the world the first platform of Ceres ecosystem, Liquidity Locker for Polkaswap. This platform will give an additional purpose, more stability and long-term commitment to Ceres token.

Ceres Liquidity Locker is the first liquidity locker for Sora parachain network that brings more transparency…

Ceres Token

Ceres is one of the first fully developed projects on Sora blockchain — future Polkadot parachain.

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