3rd season of DEO Arena is coming…


DEO Arena updates

Dear community, we want to thank you for your patience and support. As you probably already know, Ceres team integrated DEO Arena on the Astar network so that you can play Season 3 on both SORA and Astar network thus DEO Arena becomes the first cross-chain game in the DotSama ecosystem. In the future, we plan to integrate DEO Arena on several more DotSama parachains, so with such integration, the DEO arena will get more players and better gaming experience. The changes in the game itself for the Season 3 are the map shrinking and new indicators that show players character, health and chosen network. This season also brings turning off of the NFT Boost function.

DEO Arena recap

500 players so far
More than 5,000 matches played
More than 4,000 DEO burned

What does new DEO Arena season bring us?

Duration: 15 days (15/11 - 30/11)
Chips per game: 6 DEO tokens
Prize pool: 5,000$
Live matches in DEO Arena Telegram group

In order for a player to enter the leaderboard, player must have played at least 5 games.

Rewards distribution - 5,000$ in XOR token for players on SORA network or CERES token for players on Astar network
1. 1,000$
2. 500$
3. 300$
4–5. 200$
6–10. 100$
11–30. 50$
31–50. 30$
51–70. 20$
71–100. 10$