Ceres Launchpad Guide

What is Ceres Launchpad?

Ceres Launchpad platform is the first station for new projects on the SORA network. With Launchpad new projects will easily launch their tokens on Polkaswap and users will get more security because Ceres Liquidity Locker and Ceres Token Locker are integrated into Launchpad. For creating ILO, required condition are successful KYCs from at least two team members. If you want to proceed with that, contact one of Ceres admins on Telegram. Fee for using the Launchpad consists of 25 CERES that are going to be burned when creating ILO and 1% of the raised liquidity if the ILO is successful. Only condition for investors is to hold minimum 5 CERES tokens to be able to participate in any ILO.

How to use Ceres Launchpad?

Launching a project on SORA network using Ceres Launchpad step-by-step:

2.1 Create Token

Go to polkaswap.io - “Account” - “Create Token” (circle above account’s name and address). Fill the details about token and confirm it.

2.2 Request KYC

Contact one of admins on Telegram to get KYCed. Once your KYC request is successfully processed you can go to next step.

2.3 Connect Wallet

Go to https://dapps.cerestoken.io/launchpad, connect wallet with which you want to create ILO (team wallet). Click on the button Create ILO. After that, you will see form with various ILO parameters which should be defined. The following are explanations of all fields from the form.

a. Required

  • Token Address - Address (asset id) of your token for which you want to create ILO.

b. Using team vesting (optional) - choose this if you want team/marketing/other tokens to be vested after token listing

  • Total Tokens - Total amount of team/marketing/other tokens which you want to vest.

Example - Team is getting 10% of tokens on token listing. After that, each 30 days, 30% of team tokens are being unlocked. In that way, team is going to have all its tokens distributed 90 days after the listing.

c. Vesting for contributors (optional) - choose this if you want vested distribution of tokens for investors

  • First Release - Percent of tokens which investors will be able to claim on the token listing (for example 10%).

Example - Investors are getting 10% of tokens on token listing. After that, each 30 days, 30% of their tokens are being unlocked. In that way, investors are going to have all their tokens distributed 90 days after the listing.

d. Additional information - only first two fields are required

  • Token logo - upload image (png, jpg, svg)

2.4 Successfully List Your Token

Once ILO end time is up or hard cap is raised, you wi88 be able to finish ILO clicking on button Finish ILO on your ILO page. Immediately after that, if ILO is successful, your token will be listed on Polkaswap with funds intended for that. The rest of funds will be transferred to your wallet. You will be able to transfer liquidity provision ownership of token’s liquidity, after the liquidity is unlocked, clicking on button Claim LP on your ILO page.

KYC provider for Ceres Launchpad is SumSub company, they are one of the best KYC providers in the crypto space and Binance partners. This is initial version of Ceres Launchpad, in following months we will work on upgrade implementing feedback from our community.



Ceres is developing DeFi services and utilities in DotSama ecosystem.

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