Ceres Liquidity Locker

The time has come to present to the world the first platform of Ceres ecosystem, Liquidity Locker for Polkaswap. This platform will give an additional purpose, more stability and long-term commitment to Ceres token.

Ceres Liquidity Locker is the first liquidity locker for Sora parachain network that brings more transparency and security to the Polkaswap and Sora/Polkadot ecosystem.

Tokens on Polkaswap will be able to lock their liquidity and ensure that it cannot be pulled giving investors proof of security and seriousness of the project. Ceres Liquidity Locker never takes custody of any LP tokens, and does not have access to them.

LP tokens are stored in the pallet and only accessible to withdraw by the same wallet that initially locked them after the chosen locking period has passed. Period of the locked liquidity will be able to set up only by the owner of the wallet which is locking liquidity.

Fees on this platform will be paid in Ceres token or LP token. Income from fee will be distributed to Ceres burning, airdrop liquidity, charity and team.

1. Option
1% of LP tokens

- 40% burning
- 30% team
- 20% airdrop liquidity
- 10% charity

2. Option
20 Ceres
0.5% of LP tokens

- 18 Ceres burning
- 2 Ceres charity
- 60% LP tokens team
- 40% LP tokens airdrop liquidity

This is a small step for Ceres ecosystem but the one giant leap for transparency and security of all DeFi projects on the Sora parachain network and Polkaswap exchange.

Ceres is one of the first fully developed projects on Sora blockchain — future Polkadot parachain.