Ceres recap of 2022 and roadmap for 2023


Dear Community,

The year 2022 is behind us… First of all we want to thank you for the huge support you show us every day, especially in these difficult times for the crypto industry. We are proud of everything we have built this year and the fact that in 2022 and the bear market, the number of our members and holders did not decrease, which means that you recognise our work and effort. In the following, we would like to inform you about our plans for next year but let’s do a 2022 recap first…

2022 recap

Plans for 2023


We are currently working on DEO Arena integration on the Ethereum network, so you can expect the 5th season on SORA, ASTAR and Ethereum network.

Part of the team has been working on negotiations and plans for Hermes DAO for months. In the coming weeks we will start with Hermes project introduction and be open to your questions. In Q1 we plan to do everything necessary for Hermes DAO launch, governance platform, website, airdrop snapshot, presale, listing and more.


In Q2, after Launchpad users feedback, the first upgrade will be done. It will probably include XSTUSD integration where projects will be able to choose whether they want to collect initial liquidity in XOR or XSTUSD. We would also like to integrate an option where teams will be able to create tokens with different features more easily, such as the burning fee for each transaction etc. There is a possibility that in the course of next year, along with the Token Locker and Liquidity Locker, Ceres launchpad will be integrated into Astar and Moonbeam, but we will see what time brings us.


Q3 will be the most challenging for our dev team. We plan to integrate the lending-borrowing platform on Demeter Farming, it will be one of the most demanding jobs we have done so far, and we will start preparations already at the beginning of the year. We are aware of the security risks such platforms carry, but we are also aware of how much something like this is needed on the SORA network. With the lending-borrowing platform, we will provide the SORA community with a new experience in DeFi and add DEO token additional utility.


We plan to dedicate the end of 2023 primarily to the fourth airdrop token, Apollo. More details about Apollo platform will be known in time.

In brief, these are our plans for the next year. In the coming weeks you will find out more details about the Hermes DAO project. Until then, feel free to join Hermes DAO official Telegram group… Stay tuned!

Your Ceres team