Ceres recap of 2023 and setting sail into 2024


Dear Community,

As we leave 2023 behind, a quick shoutout for the ongoing support, particularly in the challenging landscape of the crypto industry. This year has seen notable growth - our community expanding with increasing members and holders. It reflects the acknowledgment of our work and effort. In the upcoming sections, we’ll delve into our plans for the next year, but first, let’s recap 2023…

2023 recap and achievements

🎄 Hermes DAO, a decentralized investment fund, conducted an Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO), launched its governance platform, and distributed airdrop to CERES holders.

🎄 This year, DEO Arena featured a total of five seasons, including two free-to-play and three play-to-earn seasons.

🎄 Demeter Farming platform achieved 12M$ TVL

🎄 Liquidity Locker and Token Locker integration on Astar network

🎄 Joined Astar build2earn Program

🎄 Burned 626.69 CERES tokens and 591,645 Demeter tokens

🎄 Launched many cool features on Ceres Tools

🎄 Apollo litepaper publication

🎄 Snapshot for Apollo airdrop

Plans for 2024


The Ceres team is actively developing the Apollo protocol, set to be the first lending-borrowing protocol coded in pallets. In the upcoming testnet phase, we’ll receive valuable support from Soramitsu developers, and we’re inviting our community to actively participate in the testing process. Our roadmap for Q1 includes providing liquidity for the APOLLO token, initiating the first round of the Apollo airdrop, and launching the Apollo protocol.


During Q2, our attention will remain on onboarding new projects eager to utilize our Launchpad. Given the current market conditions, it appears to be an opportune time for both token launches and the Ceres Launchpad. This quarter will also be dedicated to finalizing our plans and concepts for Ceres V2. While we’re not sharing specific details or hints at this moment, we encourage you to prepare your CERES tokens for voting on the Ceres Governance platform.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Your Ceres team 🎅🎄


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