Ceres Recap of the previous 5 months and plans for the coming period


Dear community, after 5 months we finally took some time to publish a Ceres recap article. As you know, the Ceres team is working harder than ever, market situation has never interested us too much because we are more interested in Ceres as a project which is here to stay. Below the article, you will be able to read about everything we have achieved in the past months and plans for the coming period.

Recap of previous months

In the first month, we launched a Liquidity Locker, dApp that allows teams to lock the liquidity of their tokens for a limited time and thus secure the funds of their project and community. Total liquidity locked in our locker is $219k at the moment.

In the second month, we did an update on the Ceres Tools website and app where users can now track locked liquidity and locked tokens of all projects on Polkaswap. We would also like to emphasize that in the last two months the number of users of Ceres Tools has increased by 48% and we believe that in the future it will be an even more accepted trading and marketing tool for users and projects on the SORA network. We have also transferred liquidity from Ethereum network to the SORA. At the moment, 95% of Ceres liquidity is on the SORA network (Polkaswap) and about 10% is locked for 100 years. We supported SORA’s candidacy for Kusama parachain slot and provided DEO tokens for the first 5000 contributed KSM. We have also received support from the SORA Builders programme for building the Demeter Farming Platform and participated in a podcast organized by PoCoCo. For the end of the second month, we released Ceres Dapps site where users can find all products that we have released and that are yet to come.

In the third month, we launched Ceres Governance platform, thus enabling greater community influence on important decisions regarding project development and bringing a higher level of transparency. We have also released Ceres Token Locker which teams can use to lock their own tokens and assure the community and investors that they will not sell their tokens for a certain period. Ceres Staking v2 also came out, which generated over 1M$ TVL. Ceres Labs has started work on the development of P2E game.

In the fourth month, the team was preparing the launch of Demeter Farming Platform and was working on upcoming products, such as DEO Arena, Liquidity Locker and Token Locker EVM versions.

This month is still going on but it is one of the most active we have had so far. We launched Demeter Farming Platform and distributed Demeter (DEO) airdrop to Ceres holders and Kusama auction contributors. The development of first Play-to-Earn game on SORA, DEO Arena, is in full swing. It should be noted that Ceres Launchpad is ready, but for now we want to keep the focus on Demeter and the implementation of existing Ceres dApps on other Kusama-Polkadot parachains. Of course, if there is a need, and hopefully it will, the Ceres team will release the Launchpad so that new projects on the SORA network can more easily ensure fundraising in their pre-sale.

Ceres team also attended TMRW conference, Europe’s biggest NFT/Crypto/Metaverse conference, where we gathered a lot of interesting contacts and supported the CEO of Soramitsu, Makoto Takemiya, in his presentation. We also had a meeting with him on how to improve the development of SORA network and we hope we are on the right track.

Plans for the following months

As you already know, we plan to launch DEO Arena, the first P2E game on the SORA network, in June. We will also release the first NFT in cooperation with Karuro Nozomi (@Karuro_Kibo). It will be an NFT with a purpose to allow its holders to enter DEO Arena League tournaments. This year we will be implementing our DeFi tools on some Kusama-Polkadot parachains and we believe that this will give us more attention from the DotSama community. As we have already said, Launchpad is ready and can come out at any time. By the end of the year, we plan to do a snapshot for the Hermes airdrop and probably release Hermes platform (there will be more details in the coming months).

Once again, a big thank you to our community for their tremendous support and no matter how the crypto market unfolds in the coming months, Ceres is here to stay and works harder than ever.

Your Ceres team