Ceres Tools Updates


Over the past three months, we have introduced some thrilling enhancements to the Ceres Tools website and mobile applications. 💫


  • Favorites filter, synthetics assets and corresponding synthetics filter have been added.


  • Synthetic assets pairs, data about them (liquidity, volume, liquidity locks…) and corresponding synthetics filter have been added. Synthetics filter can be combined with XOR and XSTUSD filters.
  • On the Pairs page, users can check Deposit/Withdraw liquidity events for each pair by clicking on View liquidity button.

Burning Tracker

  • Until now, users could only track VAL burning by fees. Now, users can also track VAL burning through TBC. This type of burning includes a larger part of the total VAL burning.


  • 1 day (1D) period has been added and user’s favorites tokens from Tokens page are displayed in the Charts section on the top of the list.
  • New feature in this section is the Swaps feature. From now, users are able to track swaps (buys and sells) for each token on Ceres Tools.
  • For each swap, it is listed who is the swap maker, how many tokens are being sold/bought and which tokens are included in the swap. If the swap maker address is saved in the user’s Portfolio section, it will be displayed under the saved name.
  • By clicking on account which made swap, it will redirect user to Portfolio page of that account.
  • On the Charts&Swaps page, users can check swaps of their favorite tokens only (choose it from Show all tokens menu above the chart).


  • Address can be added to Portfolio without naming and saving it, just to check it and after user changes page, it will be deleted.
  • Users can search portfolio addresses by name.
  • On the Portfolio page, users can check swaps of the account now.

All of these features are available in mobile apps as well so do not forget to update your apps.
Ceres Tools Android App -
Ceres Tools iOS Apphttps://apps.apple.com/gb/app/ceres-tools/id1590032285

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