Demeter Farming Platform as a service and DEO Arena

On May 15, from the fires of the SORA Builders Programme forge, we released Demeter Farming Platform, the first of its kind, developed in form of Substrate pallets. On the first day, we locked XOR/DEO liquidity of over $190k for 100 years. Seven days after the launch, TVL on the platform is above $4M. Using fees collected from the platform’s farming and staking pools, Demeter and Ceres tokens worth around $105k have been burned so far (13,115.6 DEO and 428.79 CERES). Demeter (DEO) token is listed on Coingecko.

Demeter (DEO) supply data:

  • Starting supply 120,500.00
  • Current supply 206,240.60
  • Burned tokens 24,851.40
  • Max supply 10,000,000.00

Innovative and unique platform

Users are able to farm in multiple pools with the same LPs. Furthermore, all liquidity providers in Demeter Farming pools will get PSWAP rewards the same as before because they will not give their liquidity to the platform as it is the case with smart contracts on ERC-20, BSC, and other networks.
For example, currently on the platform there are two XOR/DAI pools. In one reward token is DEO, in the other reward token is XSTUSD (SORA’s stablecoin). So users can farm with the same XOR/DAI LP in both pools and getting both DEO and XSTUSD combined with regular PSWAP rewards what makes TRIPLE REWARDS! The same case is with XOR/ETH farming pool. Also there is stablecoin staking with 245.15% APR at the moment, so you can safely stake XSTUSD and get DEO.

Demeter Farming Platform as a service

This platform is not just an ordinary farming platform where liquidity providers and stakers are rewarded. Platform can be used as a service by other projects that want to reward their liquidity providers/stakers with their own token without additional coding. Teams and liquidity providers who want to use Demeter Farming Platform as a service will pay a service fee through liquidity pools or Demeter tokens. Revenue from the fees will be used for burning Demeter and Ceres as well as for extra rewards for DEO Arena.

And now finally…

DEO Arena

As is the case with the first farming platform of its kind, the Ceres team again wants to be among the first, this time in building a game in the DotSama ecosystem. This project will be the part of SORA Builders Programme. DEO Arena will be the first Play-To-Earn game on SORA network. In-game currency will be the XOR-native token Demeter (DEO). In the beta phase, game will be available only as a Player-vs-Player (PVP) game and later the main Battle Royale mode (with more players in same arena) will be added. Battle Royale is very popular mode in game industry as a fight in which more than two combatants are engaged and the victor is the last surviving participant.

The economy logic works by players investing 5$ in DEO token and the victor gets 50% of funds from player who lost the battle, while other 50% of DEO will be burned which will cause a reduction in the supply of DEO. Users will be logging into game with their PolkadotJS wallets. Besides that, there will be DEO Arena League which will be held weekly. In those weekend League tournaments, a game will cost $20 in DEO tokens (8 DEO tokens at current price) and the top 10 players will receive extra reward from the $100k prize pool (25k DEO tokens and 60k$ in XOR).

DEO Arena will be 2D in-browser game. There will be 6 different characters which players can choose and 8 different weapons. At the beginning of the game, players will be housed at their bases in the arena and will be able to choose one of three random weapons which will be spawned. Also, players will be able to take the opponent’s weapons and some pickups (health, regen, shield…). Using skills and tactical game, the goal is to eliminate the opponent in the predicted duration of the one game. In main version of the game, there will be PvP against specific player, owning more characters, including clan battles, new characters etc…

Sneak peek is coming this week!

NFT Tickets for DEO Arena

Ceres team, in collaboration with NFT artist Karuro Nozomi (@Karuro_Kibo), will release an NFT collection (tickets for DEO arena) in the coming period. In order to participate in the DEO Arena League tournaments with a prize pool of $100k (current value), you will need to have an NFT ticket.

Total supply of DEO Arena Ticket - 5,000

Premint 500 NFTs price 10$ (5 DEO tokens) - Duration 3 days - Max per wallet 2 NFTs

Public Mint 4,000 NFTs price 15$ (7 DEO tokens) - Unlimited duration - Max per wallet 2 NFTs

Distribution of the other 500 NFTs:

  • 50 NFTs for Karuro Nozomi
  • 50 NFTs for Ceres team
  • 10 NFTs for PoCoCo
  • 10 NFTs for SORA
  • 10 NFTs for Polkaswap
  • 20 NFTs giveaway
  • 350 NFTs for collaboration with other projects

We are planning to organize the premint in the next 2 weeks so follow us in our Telegram channel. Ceres team will never be the first to contact you in DM.