DEO Arena, Ceres Launchpad and Q4 plans


DEO Arena recap

Dear community, we are nearing the end of the first season of the DEO Arena. In the following, we will present to you what our game dev team will do in the coming period and the new rules in the DEO Arena. We received several useful suggestions from our community that we will adopt for the coming seasons because the Ceres team always listens to its community.

400 players so far
More than 2,100 matches played
1,974.61 DEO burned

What does new DEO Arena season bring us?

Duration: 7 days
Break between each season: 3 days
Chips per game: 6 DEO tokens
Prize pool: 5,000$ in XOR token
Leaderboard updates published every day
Live matches in DEO Arena Telegram group
No condition for leaderboard entry (100 matches played needed in first season)

Rewards distribution - 5,000$ in XOR token
1. 1,000$
2. 500$
3. 300$
4-5. 200$
6-10. 100$
11-30. 50$
31-50. 30$
51-70. 20$
71-100. 10$

Game developers are working on improving user experience (showing how many players are waiting in queue, offscreen enemy indicator, displaying both players HP, bomb range indicator, map shrinking etc…)

Ceres Launchpad

Launchpad is ready to go, we are waiting for Hashi Bridge adjustments regarding Merge because organizing ILOs is not preferable during the bridge is closed. Until the end of the year, we expect at least one new project on SORA organizing ILO through Ceres Launchpad.

Full guide for creating ILO available here -

…something else…

In Q4, we plan to integrate some of our dApps on other DotSama parachains. There is also an option for a Hermes airdrop snapshot/launch to happen by the end of the year.