DEO Arena - Game details update and NFT Boost



The game will be free to play for the first week. Players will be able to play without investing and no DEO token will be distributed or burned.

Game economy

In the Beta phase, game will be available as a Player-vs-Player (PVP) game. One match will cost 4 DEO. The winner gets 87.5% of DEO from match prize pool (7 DEO) and 10% to 12.5% gets burned (depends on referrals - check below).
Players will receive points in each match, based on which they will be ranked on the leaderboard within the DEO Arena League.
1.5 game + 0.75 win + NFT Boost => each player gets 1.5 for just playing the game, 0.75 for win and some points as NFT Boost.

NFT Boost for DEO arena

It should be noted that each wallet can only use 1 NFT as a boost, so if someone has 2 NFT boosts in wallet, they will still be worth as one. If the wallet has a boost, each game player gets a certain number of points. For each player, the value of the boost increases with the number of games played.

Boost value:
First 50 games - 0.075
From the 50th to the 150th game - 0.1
From the 150th to the 300th game - 0.125
From the 300th to the 500th game - 0.15
From the 500th game onwards - 0.2

On you can buy NFT Boost for the price of 65 DEO, only one per wallet.

Referral codes

Referral codes will be ready once the Beta version is launched in order to give an additional incentive to all members of our community. Referral rewards will be received from the burning part of the game (12.5% of total DEO invested) and those rewards will be distributed for each game played, it does not matter if your referral player wins or loses.

Example 1

If both players have not used referral code, 12.5% of DEO tokens from the total number that entered the match will be burned.

Example 2

If only one of the two players has used the referral code, 11.25% of DEO tokens from the total number that entered the match will be burned, and 1.25% of DEO tokens will go to the owner of the referral code (referrer).

Example 3

If both players have used the referral code, 10% of DEO tokens will be burned from the total amount that came into the match, and 1.25% (2.50% all together) will go to the owners of the referral codes (referrers) from both players.

This new segment in the game should bring more new players into the arena and increase community activity.

DEO Arena League

The league will last 4 weeks (28 days, may change depending on the new game version release) and every day of playing counts for a leaderboard. In order for a player to enter the leaderboard, he must have played at least 100 games.

Total prize pool for the first season is minimum $20,000 in XOR

Diamond rank - $5,000
1. 2,000
2. 1,250
3. 500
4–5. 250
6–10. 150

Platinum rank - next 5% of players - $4,000

Gold Rank - next 15% of players - $5,000

Silver rank - next 30% of players - $6,000

Bronze rank - better luck next time

With this leaderboard structure, around 50% of players will get some prize.


The controls are very easy, player moves with W, A, S, D as in any other game. Map is quite large which will be necessary while fighting with more players in Battle Royale mode (will be available after the full launch). It will be quite fun since many players are going to face each other at the same time and the last one to survive will take the tokens of all the others, the mode that sincerely most attracts users attention since you can earn a lot with very little money. If you can win of course…

The attacks are made with the left click of the mouse and the weapons can be changed with the Q key. There are melee weapons: a sword, a scythe and a hammer and range weapons: arrows, pistol and a riffle. All weapons have different attack speeds and also different damages. For example when you put the bomb on, your movement speed is reduced a lot, but you can plant the bomb by clicking and it explodes seconds later, which will have much more damage than a sword blow for example due to the difficulty of hitting with this weapon.