Introduction to the Ceres Ecosystem

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is just the beginning of the campaign we are entering. For the last 6 months we have been working hard on the code, choosing the platform, testing and innovating. We wanted to be different from other projects so we decided to come out in the final stage of our project.

Below, get to know one of the first projects on Sora parachain, never seen before in the crypto world.

We would like to tell you everything we have in store… but let’s take it one step at a time. We are Ceres, hello world! This is how our story begins….

Ceres Token

Welcome to the Ceres ecosystem, the concepts of burning, airdrops, governance and charity in one place. You could either watch it happen or be a part of it.

Who was Ceres goddess?

In ancient Roman religion, Ceres was a goddess of agriculture, grain crops, fertility and motherly relationships. She was originally the central deity in Rome’s so-called plebeian or Aventine Triad, then was paired with her daughter Proserpina in what Romans described as “the Greek rites of Ceres”.

What is Ceres Token?

Ceres is one of the first fully developed projects on Sora blockchain — future Polkadot parachain. With its product brings more transparency and security to the Polkaswap and Sora/Polkadot ecosystem. With its airdrop tokens and platforms brings DeFi services and utilities for tokens on Polkaswap.

Ceres Temple


Ceres token holders can influence decisions concerning the project such as proposing or deciding on new feature proposals.


The goddess would always generously reward her admirers. Every Ceres holder can get each of three Ceres Airdrop tokens (Demeter, Apollo and Hermes). Each airdrop will have its purpose and will be provided with initial liquidity.


In each of our charities, the community will offer charities and Ceres holders will have the right to vote for them. This procedure provides one additional purpose to Ceres token. The Ceres ecosystem will have many different charity events in the future. One of our missions represents the crypto community as a useful community in our “real” environment.


In order for the goddess to obey all the wishes of her followers, it is necessary to offer an adequate sacrifice. Ceres tokens will be burned over time and supply will be constantly reducing.


Being members of a race of deities, Ceres, Apollo, Demeter, and Hermes, each with its own unique purpose, make the whole ecosystem sustainable.



Ceres is developing DeFi services and utilities in DotSama ecosystem.

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