New features on Ceres Tools


In the last 2 months, we added some exciting features on Ceres Tools website and apps 💫

👨‍🌾 Extended Farming section with all farmings and stakings available on SORA in one place

🔥 Long-requested and long-awaited VAL Burning Tracker is finally live

📊 Every token has a live supply tracker now

💸 Portfolio feature which allows users to track wallet’s holdings, stakings, rewards and liquidity…something Subscan should have had a long time ago

All of these features are available in mobile apps as well so do not forget to update your apps
Ceres Tools Android App -
Ceres Tools iOS App

🤖 And last but not least, our Ceres Polkaswap Telegram bot has been updated to new version in which users can track the price of tokens and get notifications on price change. If you used our bot already (, just type /start to switch to new version.

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