Recap of November and plans for December

November was extremely demanding and successful for the Ceres team, especially for our developers. We launched the first dApp on the SORA network (besides Polkaswap itself) and thus made a big step in the continuation of the development of platforms that will be built by the Ceres team. The limited staking pool in which there was room for 7,200 Ceres tokens was filled in just one hour. Ceres staking will be in operation for 3 months with a minimum APR of 33.33%.

Part of our dev team was working on the charts for all tokens listed on Polkaswap but unfortunately it is still not live and we are trying to solve the issue, we hope that the charts will be live on as soon as possible. We have updated the Ceres app for Android and iOS and now you can add tokens to Favorites section. XSTUSD SORA’s stablecoin has also been added and we have updated the VAL logo. XST has been added to the Telegram pricing bot as well.

What’s coming in December?

Demeter snapshot

During December, we will publish a notification about Demeter snapshot on our Twitter account, Ceres Tools App and in our announcement channel so everyone will have enough time to transfer Ceres tokens to the SORA network to be eligible for Demeter airdrop. The announcement will be published 7 days before the snapshot period, the snapshot period will last few days.

How to use the Hashi bridge to send Ceres from ETH to the SORA network watch the tutorial

Ceres Liquidity Locker

Ceres Liquidity Locker code and tests are finished! It has been tested by Ceres team and currently waiting for SORA team approval and audit. After a successful audit we will launch it on the SORA network and it will be ready to use for all projects on it.

Ceres Governance platform

The opinion of Ceres community is very important for ecosystem progress and development. By building a governance platform we will enable our community to anonymously and decentrally decide on the future of Ceres and all the platforms that are coming. Part of the dev team has started creating architecture and implementing governance platform that will be live at the beginning of the next year.

SORA Kusama parachain

We hereby invite our community for the maximum support to SORA on upcoming Kusama auction. The development and growth of SORA is extremely important for Ceres and everything that the Ceres team builds. We believe that after winning the auction, BSC bridge (which is coming very soon), Ceres Liquidity Locker and Ceres LaunchPad will create an adequate environment for new projects and new users on the SORA network.


We have very important months ahead of us so we want to thank our community which is growing day by day for their support and advice so far and we expect the same in the coming period. Let’s all together build a safe environment for all ecosystem participants on the SORA network.

Your Ceres team